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Repetitive Numbers in Significant Events

God "talks" in numbers in ALL facets of His Creation. His numbers are behind, words, worlds, the Great Pyramid, and even the specifics of nature... If someone mulls over a few numbers long enough, they can find all sorts of arcane significance, so we must be careful here, however these few examples I'm about to show you, really stand out. Just a big coincidence? I'll let you decide!  

MH17 Flight

Back in 2014, a Malaysia Airlines plane crashed after being hit by a Russian-made missile over eastern Ukraine, here are some remarkable coincidences regarding this flight...

The plane that crashed was; Airlines Flight Number 17, Flight MH17, a Boeing 777, on flight path 117, which made it's first flight on 7-17-97, crashed exactly 17 years later, on 7-17-14 (In 2014 (2+1+4=7). It was also the anniversary of flight TWA 800 which was shot down on the exact same day in 1996, 7/17. It was also exactly 133 (1+3+3=7) days after the disappearance of the first Malaysian plane MH370. The Gematria of Donetsk, Ukraine, the site of the crash, is 77.

Besides this flight, in 2014, there just happened to be 2 other rare crashes! (MH370, MH17 and AirAsia QZ8501) There was an interesting general pattern - All 3 of these planes were based in Malaysia, and the total of the flight numbers: 370 + 17 + 85018888. "Jesus" totals to 888 in Greek gematria! 

9/11 Twin Towers

New York City, the location of attack, has 11 letters in it’s name, and New York is the 11th state. (The twin towers also look like the number 11). The first plane crashing against the Twin Towers was flight number 11 which was carrying 92 passengers. 9 + 2 = 11. Flight 77 which also hit Twin Towers, was carrying 65 passengers. 6 + 5 = 11. The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11 as it is now known. 9 + 1 + 1 = 11. The total number of victims inside all the hi-jacked planes was 254. 2 + 5 + 4 = 11. September 11 is day number 254 of the calendar year. Again 2 + 5 + 4 = 11. There is 111 days after September 11 until the last day of the year. The tragedy of Madrid Bombing happened 911 days after the Twin Towers incident. The date is also equal to the US emergency services telephone number 911.

Blood Moon Tetrad 2015 (Super Moon)

In 2015, it was the shortest eclipse of 21st century on 4/4/15: 
  • It was the 4th day of the 4th month. 
  • Totality lasted 4 minutes and 44 seconds. 
  • The partial eclipse ended on the 44th minute of the hour. 
  • This was the 4th shortest eclipse in 4,000 years. 
  • All this as the 44th president of the United States just betrayed the Jewish people in favor of the modern day Haman, the apocalyptic death cult of the Iranian Twelvers. 
  • On the 4th day of Creation God created the sun, moon, and stars to serve as signs.
  • Occurred at exactly 4:00 am in the last time zone before the international dateline (and within the United States). 
  • The numeric value of the Hebrew word for blood, (dam), is 44 (Blood also associated with the tenth plague of Passover, this eclipse is also on Passover)

Anne Graham Lotz did an article on these 4's called "Is God signalling Us?", You can read it here.

World War 1

World War 1 ended on Armistice Day at 11:00 am on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. There is exactly 11,111 days from Armistice Day to the first blood moon of the 1949-1950 tetrad. There is exactly 111,111/pi days from Armistice Day to Mecca Crane Accident killing 111 on 9/11/2015. There is exactly 11,111 days from Allenby’s entrance of Jerusalem (December 11, 1917) to reestablishment of Israel (May 14, 1948). There is exactly 1,111 days from Hitler’s death (April 30, 1945) to the reestablishment of Israel. 

If all of these "coincidental" numbers are too much for you, that's fine. We can agree to disagree on their significance, but as for me, I believe God is sovereign over the smallest details and did not create a meaningless universe. His sovereign hand is evident.

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