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Is the Current Influenza Outbreak a Sign of the End Times?

January 28, 2018 6 Comments
“Power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.” (Revelation 6:8) 

Towards the end of the age, Revelation describes the four horsemen, who symbolize the terrible events, that will plague the earth just before the return of Jesus Christ. Revelation 6 describes each horse, and each horse has a specific color and symbol, with a meaning that is explained further by looking at Matthew 24. The white horse symbolizes religious deception; the red horse, warfare; the black horse, famine; and the pale horse, death.

The fourth horseman (Revelation 6:7–8), the pale horse, comes after famine in Matthew 24, where Jesus Christ mentions pestilences—disease epidemics (Matthew 24:7). The pale horse is symbolic of the pestilences (the definition of the word, pestilence, used in Matthew 24:7 is: a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating) that will plague the earth just before the return of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, the Greek word translated “pale” is chlōros, a greenish color, likely describing either a sickly appearance or the color of decaying flesh. This pale horse will ravage one quarter of the earth by violence, hunger and "the beasts of the earth" (Revelation 6:8)—A surprising fact is that 75 percent of emerging infectious diseases are transmitted from animals (beasts of the earth) to humans. In recent years we have seen swine flu (from pigs), avian flu (from birds) and Ebola virus (from primates).

With today's population, we can figure out that these calamities will kill over 1.5 billion people! Given the modern medical technology we have available today, this may seem impossible, yet warnings of devastating global epidemics are appearing with increasing frequency...

Emerging diseases such as AIDS, ebola, Hanta virus, Dengue, West Nile, SARS, bird flu, etc., as well as numerous re-emerging infectious diseases underscore this fact.

Malaria has come back to districts where it was once almost destroyed, yet is presently spread by pesticide-resistant mosquitoes and antibiotic-resistant parasites. Today, Malaria contaminates 600 million individuals and kills more than a million children in sub-Saharan Africa yearly.

Sexually transmitted diseases are skyrocketing in large cities of the world. According to a recent United Nations report, the AIDS epidemic has infected 40 million people around the world.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis, another major killer, is spreading in economically blighted areas of Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa. Warmer temperatures have expanded the range of mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus into North America. And experts say, "the worst is yet to come!"

In fact, it's the 100th year anniversary of the fatal 1918 influenza pandemic - the deadliest pandemic in modern history - and 2018 has, coincidentally, started with a critical influenza pestilence...

The entire continental United States is currently experiencing widespread flu right now, and elsewhere, spreading far and wide. With tens of thousands of patients flocking to hospitals and at least 37 children dead, this year’s flu season is shaping up to be the worst in nearly a decade. Medical experts are bracing for one of the worst flu seasons in history. The main flu strain for 2017-18 is known as the H3N2 virus, and it is more deadly than the swine flu. The flu is now widespread in about 46 states, according to the CDC. Here's some recent news headlines concerning this fact:

The 1918 flu pandemic killed 50 million people in just 18 months! The flu killed far more people than World War 1 did, and it infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide—one-third of the world’s population at that time. Furthermore, history reveals that "epidemics have crumbled empires, defeated armies and forever changed the way we live" (Fourth Horseman, Nikiforuk, p. xv). With this in mind, it is not hard to imagine how the "pestilences", mentioned in Matthew 24:7, could quite easily kill over 1.5 billion people.

Ironically, just a few decades ago, some scientists were forecasting that advances in medicine might soon eradicate deadly diseases. The current outbreak and the resurgence of previous infectious diseases clearly indicate that the Fourth Horseman is still a threat to the health of mankind—and he will ride again when conditions are ripe.
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Top 30 Evidences for God

January 26, 2018 6 Comments
1. The Fine-Tuning Argument. The obvious fine-tuning of the world “proves” the existence of a “Designer.” Science has calculated the odds against our universe randomly taking a form suitable for life as: One in 10,000,000,000124 [Ravi Zacharias, The End of Reason, p. 35]. See more here.

2. The Teleological Argument (Design). The obvious design (complexity) of the world “proves” the existence of a “Designer.” Science has estimated that the odds that intelligent life exists on the Earth as the result of non-directed processes to be around: One in 102,000,000,000 [Cited in Gary Habermas and Mike Licona, The Case for the Resurrection, 2004, p. 179]. See more here.

3. The Moral Argument. The existence of a universal morality among humans “proves” the existence of a universal “Lawgiver.” If the evolutionary worldview were true, we would be advanced animals acting on chemical impulses. Absolute moral standards would not exist. But they do exist! See: Moral Argument (Proof God Exists)

4. The cosmological argument. The principle of cause and effect “proves” the existence of an “uncaused Cause.” Simply put, nothing cannot create something, and therefore, either the universe has always existed or something outside the universe has always existed. Scientific evidence shows us that the universe hasn't always existed. Therefore, the something outside of the universe, that has always existed, is God (the characteristics of this something are the same characteristics that are attributed to God). This argument has a logical progression, unlike the atheist's irrational argument. See: Cosmological Argument (Proof God Exists)

5. The Golden Ratio. In God's creation, there exists a "Golden Ratio" (the mathematical constant of 1.618) that is exhibited in a multitude of shapes, numbers, and patterns whose relationship can only be the result of the omnipotent, good, and all-wise God of Scripture. See here.

6. The Great Pyramid. Isaiah 19:19-20 tells us that The Great Pyramid "shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord". It was built thousands of years ago, and yet contains extraordinary measurements of Earth and space that could not have been known at the time. It can't even be built with today's modern technology, and hence, people are more willing to believe that Egyptians used superior technology from alien visitors thousands of years ago! See here.

7. Hidden Sevens in the Bible. The recurrence of the number seven - or an exact multiple of seven - is found throughout the Bible and is widely recognized. But there turns out to be much more below the surface. For instance, in the first 17 chapters of Matthew Gospel, there are 42 such words (7 x 6) and they have 126 letters (7 x 18). Always an exact multiple of 7. These are just two features, there are 14 features, in total, in that chapter! What are the chances? In the 12 verse of Mark Gospel, the chances of this being random chance have been calculated at 54,116,956,037,952,111,668,959,660,849 to 1! It is absolutely, completely, and totally impossible to mathematically disprove this phenomenon. The overall validity of this discovery---the fact that God did it---is unimpeachable! This phenomenon only occurs in the original Biblical Hebrew. See here.

8. 101 Scientific Facts & Foreknowledge in the Bible. Scientific research continues to unfold the wonders and mysteries of our universe. Interestingly, the Bible has anticipated many of these scientific facts centuries before they were discovered! For example, the Bible shows circumcision on the eighth day is ideal (Genesis 17:12; Leviticus 12:3; Luke 1:59). Medical science has discovered that the blood clotting chemical prothrombin peaks in a newborn on the eighth day. This is therefore the safest day to circumcise a baby. How did Moses know? See more: 101 Scientific Facts & Foreknowledge.

9. The Shroud of Turin. It is considered to be the linen cloth the dead Jesus was wrapped in after He was crucified. It's an ancient, sepia-colored, rectangular, 14.3 x 3.7 foot linen cloth woven in a three-to-one herringbone twill composed of flax fibrils with the front and the back image of a naked man with his hands folded across his groin on it. The Shroud of Turin is an icon of faith and controversy among Christians. We can't be completely dogmatic about the Shroud of Turin, but there is certainly a high degree of probability that it is genuine. See: The Shroud of Turin: Evidence of Jesus' Resurrection

10. America 9/11 terrorist attack predicted. The link between the 9/11 attack in America and the attack on ancient Israel (Isaiah 9:10) is uncanny. For instance, both were attacked by Assyrian terrorists, both terrorists were Semitic people (children of the Middle East), both buildings in the attacks had fallen bricks, both had a sycamore tree cut down, both buildings were rebuilt with hewn stone, both sycamore trees were replaced with a cedar tree...etc. See more here.

11. Biblical Shemitah years in America. The biblical Shemitah came every seven years to Israel, and brought cessation to production, trade and economic activity, and ultimately, a nullification to the nation’s financial realm, the wiping away of credit and debt. This ancient pattern, established by God, has manifested in modern America. From September to September is the Shemitah year and each of the crashes America's experienced as a nation, for the last century, have been on a Shemitah year! See here.

12. Blood Moon Tetrads on feast dates. There have been 56 tetrads since Christ's day, however the last 8 have fell on the first and last of the 7 "feasts of the LORD" (Lev. 23:4; cf. Gen 1:14). On God's "appointed times”, just like He foretold in Genesis 1:14! And not just have they fallen on the seasons (appointed times), but they have also been for signs (things to come). See more here.

13. Not only was Israel becoming a nation, and the recapture of Jerusalem prophesied, they were also prophesied down to the very date! Two of Israel's most significant end-time prophecies fulfilled, and predicted by date, thousands of years beforehand! See: Israel Significant Dates: Prophesied in the Bible

14. Biblical archaeological discoveries. There have been thousands of Bible discoveries; but the wonder of it all is that even with all the overwhelming archaeological evidence, none has ever contradicted a single claim the Old and New Testament makes! See here.

15. Specific Bible verses have numbers and themes in the text of the Bible that seem to line up with the locations where the verses are found. For example, Matthew 24:42 is about the Day of the Lord. It is the 24th chapter, it's about the DAY (24 hours) of the Lord; and the 42nd verse (reverse of 24) is the key verse to watch out for we don't know when this DAY will occur. These three references relating to 24 are all found in the 24,000th verse of the Bible (now that really sets it apart)! Mathematics shows it's statistically impossible for this to be chance occurrence (calculated at billions to one). See over 35 more examples here.

16. In Revelation chapter 21, there are 12 gems mentioned to be inlaid for decoration of the New Jerusalem, and ALL of these 12 gems are anisotropic gems. When viewed in crossed-polarised light (similar to “pure” light), anisotropic stones produce a colourful array- reflecting all the colours of the rainbow, whereas isotropic stones lose all of their colour and appear black. Since anisotropic behaviour has only been discovered in the last century (and John wrote Revelation almost 2000 years ago), the odds of 12 stones picked randomly being in that one group, is lower than 1 in 1,000! See here.

17. Theomatics. Throughout the Bible, multiple factors and clustering (known as theomatics) is so consistent in words and phrases, that it boggles the mind. The major fact is that it happens so regularly, as to defy any mathematical odds. In other words, if God did not place this phenomenon into the text, then the numerical values for words and phrases would only produce "random" results. It is absolutely, completely, and totally impossible to mathematically disprove theomatics. See here.

18. Overwhelming evidence for a young earth and universe. For example, there is evidence of recent volcanic activity on Earth’s moon which contradicts the supposed vast age - it should have long since cooled if it were billions of years old! If the sea had no sodium to start with, it would have accumulated its present amount in less than million years at today's input and output rates. This is much less than the evolutionary age of the ocean, three billion years...etc. The list goes on. See: 101 evidences for a young age of the earth and the universe

19. There is a flood of evidence for Noah's flood in the fossil record. For example, it is not possible for trees to remain vertical for thousands of years while layers form around them, yet we see thousands of them. We also find fossils of sea creatures in rock layers that cover all the continents more than a mile above sea level! The list goes on. See here and here.

20. The spiritual realm. Testimonies of supernatural healings, demonic encounters, angelic encounters and many different spiritual experiences by generations of people all over the world speak of a reality/realm that exists beyond the physical. See here.

21. The Bible. The New and Old Testament have an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting their reliability. So much so that it defies natural explanation...
  •  If the average-sized manuscript were two and one-half inches thick, all the copies of the works of an average Greek author would stack up four feet high, while the copies of the New Testament would stack up to over a mile high! 
  • 40 authors wrote the Bible over a period of 1,500 years, yet when the 66 books of the Bible with their 1,189 chapters made up of 31,173 verses are brought together (KJV), we find perfect harmony in the message they convey. 
See more here.

22. End-time prophecies fulfilled. Approximately 2500 prophecies appear in the pages of the Bible, about 2000 of which already have been fulfilled to the letter - NO errors. The odds for all these prophecies having been fulfilled by chance without error is estimated at over one i102000See: 101 Last Days Prophecies

23. Historical records for Jesus. There was never any debate in the ancient world about whether Jesus of Nazareth was a historical figure. The historical evidence for Jesus of Nazareth is both long-established and widespread. Within a few decades of his lifetime, he is mentioned by Jewish and Roman historians, as well as by dozens of Christian writings. See more here.

24. "ELS" (Equi-distant Letter Sequences) in the Bible. ELS are words spelled out over a specific interval (instead of reading a text normally––one letter at a time––hidden words are looked for by reading the text every 2, or 3, or 4, (etc.), letters, skipping over the letters in between). For instance, the word "Eden" is encoded repeatedly sixteen times within the relatively short Genesis 2:4-10 passage of only 379 Hebrew letters dealing with the Garden of Eden. The odds against sixteen "Edens" occurring by chance in such a short passage is one chance in ten thousand. In this same chapter, scientists have found twenty-five different Hebrew names of trees encoded within the text of this one chapter! The laws of probability indicate that the odds against this occurring are one hundred thousand to one. See more here.

25. Jesus' number is in everything. The relationship between the two numbers, 792 and 3168, is foundational to the creation of the earth itself! It is evident that these two numbers are found to repeat all through creation! Why these two numbers? Maybe because the Gematria value for “Lord Jesus Christ” in Greek is 3168, and in Hebrew is 792... see more here.

26. Laminin. The protein inside our body, called Laminin, has an extremely vital role in our bodies. So vital, that without it, we could literally cease to exist. What is it exactly that makes Laminin so special? It is a cell adhesion molecule that is organized into a specific structure and it dictates what job the cell performs in the body. In other words, it literally holds all the cell membranes in your body together. It is the glue of the human body. The cross-like shape of the Laminin molecule is evidence of God's hand in creation!

27. Planets aligned to form Jesus on the cross during crucifixion. On the day commonly viewed as that of Jesus' actual crucifixion, April 3, 33 AD, the planets Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Earth and Venus aligned to form what looks like Jesus on the cross with the head, the hands spread out and the legs together in accurate positioning, rotation and on a galactic scale. Indeed, even Saturn's rings can be viewed as representing the 'halo' or 'crown of thorns.' This alignment appears to have occurred only six times between the year 0 and 2000 A.D.

28. YHWH in our breath. The word "YHWH" is used almost 7,000 times throughout the Bible as the only and unique name of God. Hebrew scholars, when looking at God’s Sacred Name, have concluded that when we breathe, we breathe the very name of God. The very sounds of each letter (YHWH) are the sounds of our breathing! “As long as I have life within me, the breath of God in my nostrils” (Job 27:3).

29. Cross at centre of galaxy. The Hubble Space Telescope took a picture of the center of the Whirlpool galaxy, M51. The cross-like shape is evidence of God's hand in creation!

30. Pillar shields Israel from the Islamic State. On the 1st December 2016, the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists had been hammering Israel along their border for several days, almost defeating Israel, when, on the fourth day, a large cloud pillar formed within minutes, so thick it made for zero visibility. This strange storm of what appeared to be dust, cloud and rain did NOT cross the border fence into Israel. It sat like a barrier between ISIS and Israel. This is evidence of God protecting Israel as He promised.

There are numerous other evidences for God's existence. If you know of greater evidence for God, than the top 30 shared in this article, let us know in the comments below!
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The Rebirth of Literal Babylon

January 24, 2018 Add Comment
Another prophetically highlighted event in the Bible, that is often overlooked, is the rebirth of a literal Babylon (formerly called Babel, Genesis 10:10) foretold to be involved in one of the leading roles in the end-time fulfillment of Bible prophecy (Rev. 14:8; 16:19; 17- 18).

Pictured is Babylon c.1982, in the process of being rebuilt under the direction of Saddam Hussein.

The Scriptures speak of two Babylons: Ancient Babylon and Mystery Babylon. The ancient city of Babylon began shortly after the Flood, as a direct act of rebellion against God. The city of Babylon has sunk beneath the sands of time during the past seventeen hundred years, but never has it been subject to catastrophic destruction. However, Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51, and Revelation chapters 17 and 18, both deal with the destruction of Babylon, and in order to be the city those prophecies require, it must be rebuilt on a grand scale like in the days of Nebuchadnezzar.

The prophecy of Mystery Babylon, found in Revelation 17:3-5, must be referring to a future Babylon! A mystery is something secret or hidden— something previously unrevealed in scripture. There are five prophecies concerning the destruction of  Babylon that are yet to be fulfilled, confirming the identity of Mystery Babylon as a future Babylon:

1The destruction will “…utterly destroy her” (Jer. 50:26). This has not yet been fulfilled because the Persians took ancient Babylon in a relatively peaceful conquest. Babylon was not "utterly destroyed."

2. “…it will never again be inhabited” (Jer. 50:39). This has not yet been fulfilled because history records the city has never been without some degree of habitation.

3. “...Nor will the Arab pitch his tent there...” (Isaiah 13:20). This has not yet been fulfilled because Arab villages have been documented at Babylon.

4. And they will not take from you even a stone for a corner Nor a stone for foundations, But you will be desolate forever, (Jeremiah 51:26). This has not yet been fulfilled because history records Babylon’s ancient stones have been reused for centuries.

5. “The oracle concerning Babylon… nations gathered together… the farthest horizons …for the day of the Lord is near…” (Isaiah 13). Isaiah 13 clearly tells that Babylon will be destroyed in “the day of the Lord”

Not one of these prophecies have ever been fulfilled. Therefore, Mystery Babylon is a future Babylon that must be rebuilt.

The Bible not only shows that a literal Babylon will exist at the end of our age, but it will be resurrected in the same location as its ancient predecessor in the Middle East:
“And he said to me, “To build a house for it in the land of Shinar; when it is ready, the basket will be set there on its base.” (Zechariah 5:11)
It is going to reemerge in the land of Shinar known today as Iraq (Zechariah 5:11; Isaiah 13). The city of Babylon is in the country of Iraq.

Up until now, any talk of a literal Babylon being rebuilt has been met with mostly sarcasm or cries of ignorance. Why? Simply because, for nearly two thousand years, Babylon and Iraq have always been sparsely inhabited regions mainly recognized for the enormous deserts that take up few fertile areas. For this, and other reasons, it has been looked upon by most people as a complete impossibility for these areas to ever come back into world power. However, this seems no longer to be the case. Plans for the rebuilding of the City of Babylon have been in the making for over 200 years! Look at what has happened in the last few years...

In 1971, UNESCO declared to assist Iraq in fully rebuilding the ancient city of Babylon. Saddam Hussein, former President of Iraq, was required to supervise the reconstruction. In 1978, there was a vast highway, within Babylon, consisting of numerous brick factories along it forming bricks for this enormous reconstruction project. Interestingly, one end of the brick showed the name Nebuchadnezzar, while Saddam Hussein's name was on the opposite end. Saddam Hussein, back then, actually envisioned himself as a modern Nebuchadnezzar (and he still did until he died), to restore the glory that was once Babylon's.

In total, Saddam Hussein spent over 20 years rebuilding the city of Babylon, and probably got about half of it rebuilt before he was taken out in the war with Iraq. There are continuing efforts to rebuild the ruins of Nebuchadnezzar’s palace complex, headed up by The World Monuments Fund. Today, with Saddam's regime overthrown, the international community is discussing how to rebuild Iraq...

The enormous amounts of petroleum that interlace the whole region around Babylon, including the whole eastern part of the Middle East, make them one of the largest oil suppliers in the world, and Iran has it in abundance. In 1974, Iran, and other countries of the Middle East, practically caused the big world powers, America and Europe (the rest of the world), to  get on their knees when those countries exported their oil. It has even been said that the Middle East may well control much of the economics of the world in the years ahead. The government of Iraq has already made plans to rebuild the city to its ancient splendor, and funds from America are said to be used to accomplish it. The United Nations have already discussed moving their headquarters to Babylon:
"Triggered by the Iraq War, informed sources say that the international Quartet of world powers (the US, UN, European Union and Russia) has drafted a proposal to transfer the seat of the United Nations to Baghdad (ancient Babel or Babylon)! The move would relieve the space constraints of the New York headquarters while also freeing it from the physical jurisdiction of the US. Though it’s only a draft of the Quartet, plans appear to be in the works to establish a third and perhaps final worldwide organization." (Israel Today, December 2003) (Pre-Trib Perspectives, March 2004) 
 See more:

This great prophecy, prophesied over twenty-five hundred years ago, is being fulfilled as I write. It was begun by Saddam Hussein and the building is continuing, even after his death. There are some who believe Mystery Babylon refers to modern day Rome (and there are strong arguments for this) or New York. I don't know for sure which is the correct one, but I think the body of evidence sways towards a literal Babylon in Iraq. Regardless of the true identity of Babylon, keep your eyes open because prophecy is continuing to be fulfilled right before our eyes! 
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The Spiritual Realm: Evidence God Exists

January 23, 2018 2 Comments
Testimonies of supernatural healings, demonic encounters, angelic encounters and many different spiritual experiences by generations of people all over the world speak of a reality/realm that exists beyond the physical. Especially when it comes to ghosts, hauntings, séances, tarot cards, Ouija boards, crystal balls...etc.

We are continuously fed with information about the spirit world from newspapers, TV, radio and movies. Try searching on google for the "Top 10 Grossing Pictures or Fictional Books", and it is almost guaranteed that a number of them will deal with the topic of the spirit world. “Channelers” are people who claim to communicate with the dead, and are now featuring in TV programs that are becoming increasingly more popular.

You may have seen TV shows similar to "Ghost Hunters," where paranormal investigators scientifically investigate ghosts. They find some startling results from their investigations, such as voices recorded on tape recorders which were not originally heard by anyone, objects being moved, even the occasional "apparition," either a shadow, a strange figure, etc.

You may have heard that ghosts acting like people of the past are really just demons who are pretending to be in order to trick humans. People have tried to (or claimed to) communicate with spirits for ages.

When humans are possessed by evil spirits, their character changes and they seem to no longer be themselves. This phenomenon can be observed with our own eyes, so there's no doubt it is real.

We can also look at the vast number of religions around the world and the billions of people who focus their lives on the spiritual realm. Is it likely that so many people would report encounters with the spiritual and it not be real?

These things are intriguing for many people simply because they seem to give people further understanding of parts of our world that lie beyond our physical limits. Even more, such things seem innocent and harmless. Most non-believers who engage in these acts believe that ghosts are the spirits of dead people who have not gone on to the “next stage”. Ghosts are real, but they are not angels from God or our dead loved ones. They are fallen angels trying to deceive us. It’s in the Bible!

What does the Bible say?

The Bible informs us that two realms exist; the physical realm and the supernatural/spiritual realm. It describes the supernatural/spiritual realm as an immaterial, spiritual reality, unseen by human eyes.

1. Scripture speaks repeatedly of angels moving about unseen (Daniel 10:1-21).
2. Scripture shows that demons know things of which people are unaware (Acts 16:16-18; Luke 4:41).
3. Evil spirits, or demons, can possess people, dwelling within them and controlling them (Mark 5:1-20).
4. Satan and demons have greater power than humans (Jude 1:9).
5. Scripture warns against consulting with demons [talking to the dead] (Leviticus 19:31; Leviticus 20:27). 

Scripture confirms that the things mentioned above exist, and are very real. It also proves that science can’t explain everything. The definition of the word spirit is “a supernatural being or essence.” The scientific community reject anything that is supernatural. Anything that can’t be observed under a microscope or through a telescope or that can’t be examined in a laboratory is brushed aside. Science admits it deals best with the physical world, and are skeptical towards anything beyond the physical world, such as the spiritual realm.

Ghosts, hauntings, séances, tarot cards, Ouija boards, crystal balls etc. all raise distinct problems to non-believers who engage in these acts. Why? Because the worldview of non-believers is either the spiritist worldview - that holds that the spirit world does exist, or the materialist worldview - which claims the spirit world does not exist. The problem is that the spiritist presupposes the existence of God but, in practice, denies his reality, and, on the other hand, the materialistic worldview cannot make sense of any of the behaviour mentioned above. To deny the existence of demons is not skepticism; it only displays ignorance. 

The spiritual realm is real, and so is God...

Remember that God commands us to have nothing to do with the occult, devil worship, or the unclean spirit world (Deuteronomy 18:9-12; Isaiah 8:19-20; Galatians 5:20; Revelation 21:8). Believers in Jesus Christ should not be involved in the occult. The spirit world is real, but Christians do not need to fear it (1 John 4:4).
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World Votes Against Jerusalem: Zechariah 12

January 20, 2018 Add Comment
On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves.” (Zechariah 12:3)

On December 21, 2017, the UN united as one to stand against one city on the planet: Jerusalem. A total of 128 countries came together to back a UN resolution which called on the U.S. to remove its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A snippet of an earlier resolution shows this obvious rejection of Israel's control over its capital, Jerusalem:
[The General Assembly] reiterates its determination that any actions taken by Israel, the occupying Power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are illegal and therefore null and void and have no validity whatsoever, and calls upon Israel to immediately cease all such illegal and unilateral measures. {Ref}
2,500 years earlier, the prophet Zechariah wrote these words from the Lord,
“I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem for battle” (Zech. 14:2)
The UN may have just moved us one step closer to fulfilling this ancient prophecy...

The UN general assembly, including almost 200 of the world’s nations, voted 128 to 9 against the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Regardless of Donald Trump's threats to cut billions of dollars in aid to countries that dared to defy him.

The UN has once again displayed their hypocrisy by picking on Israel, particularly America’s support of Israel, in spite of so many other world concerns of greater importance. For instance, what has the UN been doing during the horrific war in Syria? Where has the UN been during the attempted genocide of Christians in the Middle East? The questions go on... Yet when America recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the UN is in an uproar. Groups like UNWatch.org have listed the UN’s consistent singling out Israel for criticism while ignoring cruelty committed on a mass scale by other nations, including Israel’s neighbors: see here.

Why didn't different international leaders just simply call President Trump and say, “We strongly differ with your recognition of Jerusalem.”? Instead, in the most public forum available, 128 nations stood together to condemn America for doing was what right and righteous, calling the decision “null and void.”

Over 75% of the world’s nations have publicly declared which nations are against God’s chosen nation, and which nations support His Jewish nation. Of 185 nations that voted, the nine countries that voted against the resolution were the U.S., Israel, Guatemala, Honduras, Togo, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, and Palau. Notice that it is only SEVEN (I'm sure you know the significance of 7), who voted on the side of Israel and the United States! It is also a strange group too, I doubt many of us have even heard of some of these countries before.

Another important aspect to consider of this attack against the nation of Israel, is the fact that Britain also voted against President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital - putting the ‘special relationship‘ between the UK and the US at serious risk.

How significant is this vote? This vote may only have symbolic effect, but it also may very well be regarded by God as the world's final answer to His claim over the Promised Land. Nonetheless, there's definitely a connection between the UN’s vote and Zechariah 12 for three reasons:
  1. The vote confirms the worldwide opposition towards a Jewish Jerusalem.
  2. It reminds us just how accurately God predicts future events. Twenty-five centuries later, and the coalition of nations have come against a Jewish Jerusalem, just as foretold! 
  3. It also tells us that, just as Scripture indicates, the city of Jerusalem alone is the whole world’s business (Zech 12:3).
Prophecy is continuing to unfold, and this vote brings us ever closer to Christ's return. After watching the last 2,500 years of history, coupled with the UN’s anti-Jerusalem vote, it’s hard to read the Bible and think that the writers just guessed things right. What are the chances of that?
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The Shroud of Turin: Evidence of Jesus' Resurrection

January 17, 2018 5 Comments
“Going to Pilate, he asked for Jesus’ body, and Pilate ordered that it be given to him. Joseph took the body, wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, and placed it in his own new tomb that he had cut out of the rock. He rolled a big stone in front of the entrance to the tomb and went away.” (Matthew 27:58-60)
The Shroud of Turin. Photo: Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Turin, Italy,

The Shroud of Turin is an ancient, sepia-colored, rectangular, 14.3 x 3.7 foot linen cloth woven in a three-to-one herringbone twill composed of flax fibrils with the front and the back image of a naked man with his hands folded across his groin on it. It is considered to be the linen cloth the dead Jesus was wrapped in after He was crucified. Some have concluded it is the true burial shroud of Jesus. Others have pronounced it a medieval forgery. In my opinion, the evidence completely disproves it being a medieval forgery...

1. A set of tests conducted on the Shroud place the cloth to the time ranging from 300 B.C. to 400 A.D., well within the time of Jesus of Nazareth (Stanglin, USA Today, 2013).

2. The bloodstains, as forensic scientists and chemists now know, were created by real blood, specifically blood of a torture victim. In addition to that, an x-ray-taken showed excess iron in blood areas, as expected for blood. Microchemical tests for proteins were positive in blood areas but not in any other parts of the Shroud. Furthermore, claims are that the blood has been confirmed as authentic hemoglobin and identified as Type AB!

Pollen grains on Shroud seen through microscope
3. Microscopic traces of the flowers, and pollen, has been found throughout the Turin Shroud. Out of hundreds of flowers on the Shroud, twenty-eight of them grow in Israel. Twenty grow in Jerusalem itself, and the other eight grow potentially within the close vicinity of Jerusalem (Whanger and Whanger, Duke.edu, 2015). Of these twenty-eight plants, twenty-seven of the identified plants are in bloom in March and April. Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem during the Passover in the Spring of c. 30 AD. (Matthew 26:12; Mark 14:1; Luke 22:1,7: John 18:28) Half of the floral images and pollen grains from the plants are found only in the Middle East or other similar areas but never in Europe, the favored location of the forgery of the Shroud. Most of the flowers were clustered around the head and chest of the man on the Shroud - consistent with Jewish burial custom in Jesus' time. The pollen also dates to the first-century, further indication that the Shroud was first found in first-century Israel. In addition, many grains of the pollen, Gundelia tournefortii, have been identified. This particular pollen has large thorns, blooms in Israel between March and May, and most of the grains of this pollen have been recovered near the man’s shoulder! Could it have been the crown of thorns (Matthew 27:29)?
In addition to being unable to explain so many things about the Shroud of Turin, did it ever occur to modern skeptics that no medieval forger would have been able to forge pollen grains and floral images. Pollen grains are able to be seen only through a microscope. A medieval artist/forger did not even KNOW about individual GRAINS of pollen, could never ever have seen a microscopic grain of pollen—until the 1800’s AD.—Sandra Sweeny Silver
4. The image is not a stain, it is not painted on the Shroud, nor is it burned on. Instead, it is seared on to the cloth with a technology that has yet to be explained. Scientists can’t even reproduce it with modern technology, let alone medieval technology! Nothing existed in medieval or ancient times that could produce such an X-ray as this. The only explanation would be some sort of large burst of radiation, that was emitted as Jesus was resurrected from the dead, creating the image on the cloth. The process causing the yellowness of the top most fibers of the threads responsible for the image is also unknown.

Italian scientist Paolo DiLazzaro tried for five years to replicate the image and concluded that it was produced by ultraviolet light, but the ultraviolet light necessary to reproduce the image “exceeds the maximum power released by all ultraviolet light sources available today.” The time for such a burst “would be shorter than one forty-billionth of a second, and the intensity of the ultra violet light would have to be around several billion watts.”

Shroud of Jesus 3D 
5. The image of the man on the Shroud can be read by 3D imaging technology, something that paintings can't do. The image on the Shroud is also only a few fibers deep. The image on the Shroud is not a painting, and that's a fact!

6. The type of cloth is consistent with fabrics from first-century Israel, but not with medieval Europe. A forger would have had to not only forge the image, but would have had to have detailed knowledge of linen weaves of the first century and then not only reproduce it, but age it convincingly.

7. Usually, whenever there's a picture depicting the crucifixion of Jesus, it shows the nail prints in the palms of the hand. However, modern science has shown that a nail through the middle of the palm of a man's hand would not be sufficient to hold most of the weight of a man on a cross. The nail would tear through the hand. The placement of the nails in crucifixion was most likely in the wrist. The Turin Shroud shows the nail marks at the lower part of the hand into the wrist, just as expected! Also, experiments conducted on cadavers note that the Turin Shroud accurately depicts how crucifixions would have transpired. In addition, the whip markings on the man’s back match the ends of the flagrums used by the first-century Romans for scourgings, his body shows signs of rigor mortis in a crucified position, some of his blood flows are post mortem, and it even shows marks indicating a spear wound - consistent with John 19:34. It matches the details of Jesus’ crucifixion accurately! 

The evidence seems highly probable that the Turin Shroud is genuinely the cloth that covered Jesus of Nazareth before His amazing resurrection from the dead. However, we do not need to rely solely on the Shroud of Turin to provide evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, since the evidence from both Christian and non-Christian sources alone are enough to verify the reliability of the crucifixion and resurrection account. See: Historical Evidence For Jesus' Resurrection.

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The Rise of China as a World Power

January 13, 2018 Add Comment
"Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and its water was dried up, so that the way of the kings from the East might be prepared." (Rev 16:12)

America’s role as the world’s only superpower is on the decline - which is to be expected since the US is absent from the Book of Revelation, and from Bible Prophecy. On the other hand, nations, such as Russia, Europe and China, are rising to power, replacing America's status. The verse above (Rev 16:12), speaks of a time when, the “kings from the East” (whom many associate with China, and as some form of Chinese army, or Chinese-led coalition), will take advantage of the removal of a natural barrier and sweep westward to meet up with the forces of the Antichrist.

The “kings from the east” in Revelation chapter 16 verse 12 has been a silent topic for many years. However, this changed when the communist took-over China during World War II. Since then it has become clear that this largest of all countries in the world has a prophetic role, as you will soon find out. No longer is China content to stay within its vast borders, and live pretty much to itself, as it has been for almost five thousand years. Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in China’s power and influence. Napoleon once predicted that "when China wakes, it will shake the world." That is exactly what is happening today. Here's some recent statistics:

As America and the big European powers reduce their defence spending, China looks likely to maintain the past decade's increases of about 12% a year. The country is on course to become the world's largest military spender in just 20 years or so (see article). Its army is already estimated to contain about 2.5 million soldiers, making it the largest standing army! China also has the world’s second largest navy. China employs sophisticated precision weapons, high-tech information and communications technology. While global arms spending rose 4 percent in 2008, China’s grew by 10 percent to an estimated $84.9 billion.

China’s per capita gdp rose from $439 in 1950 to $7,578 in 2014! Its GDP has increased by an average of almost 10% a year for the past 30 years (Pam Woodall, The World in 2010, 2009). No other nation’s economy has grown so fast for so long. After 35 years of almost uninterrupted growth by some measures, such as purchasing power, China has made an unprecedented leap from being the world’s tenth-biggest economy to becoming number two (following America). China holds the majority of the United States’ debt and, in just one click of a button, can economically cripple the US. 

It is the world’s second largest consumer of oil (following America), with proven oil reserves of about half that of the United States (“BP Statistical Review of World Energy,” June 2009). In 15 years, China is expected to surpass the US as the world’s largest spender on oil and natural gas (“ExxonMobil to Boost Mainland Sales,” China Daily, Nov. 12, 2009). China’s high growth rate, low labor costs and a huge emerging market have attracted the world’s highest levels of direct foreign investment.

China’s population of 1.3 billion makes it the most populous nation on earth with a fifth (20%) of the world’s people. It is estimated that by 2025, China will have the world’s largest middle class” (Foreign Policy, March/April 2008). An enormous population is the building block of a superpower.

Revelation 9:13-19 tells us that a massive 200-million-man army will arise from the region east of the Euphrates River. Right now China is the major power east of Jerusalem, and an army of 200 million (Revelation 9:16) fits with China’s capability of equipping such an enormous army. In addition, the description and the huge numbers of deaths mentioned (verse 19) may indicate the use of modern weapons of mass destruction. China spends a large percentage of its annual GDP on the military and possesses nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. Remember, this is speculative and this verse may not be referring to China.

Many other characteristics of China have not been listed such as; their aggressive demand for Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Sprately Islands (which proves they have a strategy to control all of Asia), their aggressive rhetoric on the world stage, and the persecution of Chinese Christians.

All these characteristics of China make it easy to imagine that the “kings from the East”, who one day march into Israel, will include China. However, the term "kings of the east" does mean "kings of the rising sun" which would include Japan and possibly other Asian countries. So it is impossible to know for sure if the Eastern confederacy of the end times will include China; though, it seems very likely that China will be involved, for the above reasons.

Nevertheless, the world geopolitical conditions are shaping up for the worlds last great conflict described over nineteen hundred years ago by the Apostle John! See also: Europe's Rise Foretold in Bible Prophecy.
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The AI "Image of the Beast"

January 05, 2018 2 Comments
And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain. (Revelation 13:15)

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.

In today's society, most of us regularly talk to Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant or even the artificial intelligence embedded in our cars, refrigerator, or our home. The AI talks back and responds directly to us about whatever it was that we wanted to know from it or to do for us. Without even realizing it, human daily interaction with AI has become very common, and is continuing to grow more common. Scientists and others who predict what the future holds (futurists) have even planned, for the future, to name this artificial intelligence (AI), “Singularity.”, when it is no longer just the product of man, but has complete control over itself.

 AI and the "Image of the Beast"

“And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast...” (Rev 13:14)
The Greek words underlined in the verse above are poieō eikōn thērion, meaning that the fully deceived men of the earth of that time will be called upon by the False Prophet to construct a likeness of the Antichrist. This means that the Image of The Beast is not the same as the Beast himself (Antichrist), but is a constructed thing that has "come to life." In some translated texts it is called a ‘statue.’

Added to the description of the Image having “breath,” (Rev 13:15) gives us the impression that it is some kind of self-operating machine, a computer-operated cybernetic robot, programmed so that it can speak and act like it’s alive and command the worship of the world. Artificial intelligence and robotics are advancing so rapidly today, making this prophecy no longer futuristic. Imagine how far fetched this would have sounded in John’s day.

Robots are increasingly replacing human functions by automating manual tasks. Killer robots, digital doctors, and driverless cars are just a few examples of how far technology has gone in taking over our lives and replacing human effort. Science is racing towards giving life to an “image” already. See the robot in the video below, it can not only speak and respond to questions, but it has a “personality” and understands concepts like sarcasm and humor.

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed an artificial intelligence software so powerful that it can put words in the mouth of just about anybody. Think about the ramifications of this.

A recent, new religion known as "Way Of The Future", worship a 'godhead' based on AI! They state that their focus is on "the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and software." It includes funding research to help create the divine AI itself. I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but this is actually happening.

Entire fields of science are now racing towards achieving Singularity (The merging of man's biological thinking and existence with technology to the point there is no distinction between human and machine), scientists are planning it for the future, here's some recent news headlines:

The concept of the Internet was known in scientific circles for many years before it reached the public. Today the Internet and all the technology surrounding it is used everyday by huge numbers of the public. The scientists were working on cloning long before the first sheep was cloned. The same concept holds true with Singularity, that is now taking place. Humans are already being blended with machines, unaware of by the public. They make AI look beneficial these days, for example, who can question an artificial eye for the blind, or a microchip implanted into the brain to help a quadriplegic? However, in the end, the blending of human biology with mechanical technology will very likely be used for evil. 

Is this far-fetched? Time will tell, for now we can just speculate. Is it possible many of the technologies that Revelation speaks of in regards to the Antichrist are technological deception - such as the image that speaks in Revelation 13:15?
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Daniel 11 Prophecy: Amazing Proof of God

January 03, 2018 2 Comments
“In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed to Daniel, whose name was called Belteshazzar. The message was true, but the appointed time was long; and he understood the message, and had understanding of the vision” (Daniel 10:1)

A message was revealed to Daniel, during the the third year of Cyrus (535/534 B.C.), just a few years before Daniel’s death. Through Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams (Daniel 2:1) and through Daniel’s vision of four beasts (Daniel 7), God had already revealed that there would be four world-ruling empires followed by the Kingdom of God. In Daniel chapter 11, God reveals to Daniel some amazing details about major world powers, in order! (Daniel was written in the sixth century B.C., these prophecies predict from the 5th century B.C., up until 400 years after the prophecy). Let's see the prophecies...

The prophecy of Daniel 11 begins with the prediction that “three more kings will arise in Persia” Three more kings did arise in history: Cyrus, Cambyses, and Hystaspes. Followed by a fourth who would “stir up all against the realm of Greece” (Daniel 11:2). The fourth, was the Persian king, Xerxes, who reigned 485-464 B.C. who invaded Greece!

Daniel 11:3-4 then speaks of the appearance of “a mighty king,” whose kingdom would “be broken up and divided toward the four winds of heaven.” The next phase in world empires was the rise of Alexander the Great, who was indeed a mighty king. And just as verse 4 states, Alexander's kingdom was divided into four sections: Greece, Asia Minor, Syria, and Egypt!

Daniel 11:5 goes on to say, “And the king of the south shall be strong” and one of his princes will “be strong above him”. The king of the South was Ptolemy I (Soter), son of Lagus. Egypt was the southernmost point of the Persian, Greek and Roman Empires. The prince under Ptolemy I who would become stronger than Ptolemy I was Seleucus Nicator of the Selucid Empire! He became king of Syria, the most powerful of Alexander's successors.

Daniel 11:6 says that in the end of years they shall join themselves together; “king's daughter of the south shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement.” The “daughter” was Berenice, daughter of Ptolemy II (285-246BC). The “agreement” was a proposed peace treaty that called for Antiochus II to marry Berenice! But Daniel then says, in regards to the agreement, “but she shall not retain the power of the arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm: but she shall be given up” Antiochus already had a wife, who did not take kindly to being divorced, and therefore she managed to have both Berenice and her infant son, whom she had borne to Antiochus, assassinated. The prophecy was fulfilled concerning Berenice, that she would be ‘given up’.

“But out of a branch of her roots shall one stand up in his estate, which shall come with an army, and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north, and shall deal against them, and shall prevail” (Daniel 11:7). Ptolemy III (Euergetes) organized a great expeditionary force against Syria, in order to avenge his sister’s death. This war raged from 246 to 241. 

Daniel 11:8 says he “shall also carry captives into Egypt their gods, with their princes, and with their precious vessels of silver and of gold” Ptolemy III recovered the idols of Egypt taken by Cambyses in 524 B.C.

Daniel 11:9 says, So the king of the south shall come into his kingdom, and shall return into his own land.” Although he did not enter Egypt itself, Seleucus II regained control of northern Syria and Phoenicia.

Daniel 11:13-16 document the eventual wresting of the Holy Land from Egyptian control by Antiochus the Great. (Space precludes further discussion of this prophecy)

Daniel 11:17 tells us he will make an alliance with the king of the South,“he will give him a daughter in marriage in order to overthrow the kingdom, but his plans will not succeed or help him” Hoping to gain advantage over Egypt, Antiochus the Great gave his daughter, Cleopatra, in marriage to Ptolemy V in 195 B.C. But Antiochus’ daughter sided with her husband and no advantage was gained. 

Then he will turn his attention to the coastlands and will take many of them, but a commander will put an end to his insolence and will turn his insolence back on him.” (Daniel 11:18) Antiochus turned his attention to Asia Minor and Greece (the 'coastlands'), but then the Roman consul Lucius Scipio Asciaticus (the 'commander')  came and defeated Antiochus in Asia Minor in 190 BC.

Daniel 11:19 says that, after this, he will turn back toward the fortresses of his own country but will stumble and fall, to be seen no more.” Antiochus died in 187 BC while attempting to plunder a temple in the province of Elymais fulfilling the prophecy that he will 'Stumble and fall'. 

Daniel 11:20 says, His successor will send out a tax collector to maintain the royal splendor. In a few years, however, he will be destroyed, yet not in anger or in battle. The brief 12-year reign of Antiochus III’s eldest son, Seleucus IV, was marked by heavy taxes throughout Palestine. Seleucus was soon poisoned to death by his minister, Heliodorus.

Daniel 11:21-34 document the tyrannical oppression of the Jewish people by Antiochus Epiphanes. (Space precludes further discussion of this prophecy)

Daniel 11, up to verse 35, was clearly and at times amazingly precisely fulfilled in the four hundred years leading up to the birth of Jesus!

Besides Genesis, no other book of the OT has been subjected to as much scrutiny as the Book of Daniel. Obviously, for its detailed and accurate prophecies contained within. The above was just chapter 11. Daniel also predicts the precise year of Christ’s appearance and the beginning of his ministry in A.D. 27, Daniel 8 foretells of Alexander the Great, Daniel 2 and 7 predicts the four great world-ruling kingdoms, as well as the revived Roman Empire (which you can read about here), and many more, that I'll cover in future articles. Skeptics have suggested that the book of Daniel was written several hundred years later, during the 160s B.C., after these events had already transpired. But foretelling the future is not difficult for God. The following are three evidences that disprove skeptics' claims:
  1. The Aramaic and Hebrew in the book of Daniel, is from somewhere between roughly 350 and 600 BC, according to experts.
  2. The book of Daniel is included in the Greek Septuagint translation (which we know was made by about 180 BC, and probably earlier) as well as the discovery of fragments of Daniel in the Dead Sea Scrolls - that possibly date from the second century B.C., however, these are only a copy, thus placing the book earlier.
  3. Josephus, a reputable historian, actually recorded that Alexander the Great read about himself in the book of Daniel.1 For a further critic of the book of Daniel, read The Book of Daniel Defended
The above evidences, without a doubt, strongly confirm an early date for Daniel before the 5th century BC.


1 Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, Book 11, chap. 8, sec. 5, William Whiston translation, 1981
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Europe's Rise Foretold in Bible Prophecy

January 02, 2018 Add Comment
"The fourth beast will be a fourth kingdom on the earth ... and (it) will devour the whole earth ..." (Daniel 7:23)

Another prophetically highlighted event in the Bible, that is often overlooked, is that a new superpower will emerge on the world scene shortly before Jesus' return. In Daniel chapters 2 and 7, it is predicted that a future unified Europe will rise in the end times out of the ashes of the old Roman Empire. Let's see the prophecy...

Starting with the book of Daniel. Daniel recounted a dream to Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 2.31-35), and interpreted the king’s dream of a huge statue by explaining the 4 major components of the statue (Dan 2.36-43). Most Bible scholars interpret the 4 components to represent the 4 major empires that have existed in the world’s history. The 4 major components of the statue were:

1.  A head of Gold
2.  Breast and arms of silver
3.  Belly and thighs of bronze
4.  Feet of iron and clay

Interpreting that dream, Daniel concluded that the first component, the head of gold, represented Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian Empire: “You are this head of gold” (Daniel 2:38). Daniel then goes on to describe the next three empires. From history we know that these next three kingdoms after Babylon were the Persian Empire, the Greek Empire of Alexander the Great and his successors, and the Roman Empire.

The first three kingdoms listed above were each defeated by its successor. However, the Roman empire was the last and terrible beast in another vision that Daniel himself had (Daniel 7:1-24), but it was never defeated. This is why Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar that his vision was about “what will be at the End of Days” (Daniel 2:28).

In the final part of the dream, Daniel goes on to explain the symbolism. He says that during the reign of this fourth empire (Roman Empire), God will set up the “kingdom that will never be destroyed,” (Daniel 2:44). We know from many other prophecies that this is the Kingdom of God, which Jesus Christ will establish on earth at His return. It is here that this fourth empire will fight Jesus Christ at His return, only to be destroyed. Therefore, the Roman Empire must exist in some form at the end of the age so that it can be struck and destroyed! Many refer to this as a "Revived Roman Empire" since the former, historic Roman Empire collapsed long ago. The former Roman Empire encompassed present-day Europe, so we should expect a future unified Europe to come to power again, to dominate the world during the latter days!

In the book of Revelation, this is again confirmed when referring to seven major Middle East empires or kingdoms (Rev 17.10). These can be identified as the Egyption, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek and Roman empires, with one to come. Taken with Dan 2 and Dan 7, this suggests that the one to come must be a revived form of the historic Roman Empire.

Many, even in the church, have said it is impossible to ever unite Europe and they have mocked those who said that this prophetic scenario should be taken literally. Throughout the centuries since Rome fell, many political leaders have dreamed of resurrecting the Roman Empire. Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Winston Churchill, for different reasons and with differing motives, all shared the vision of a United States of Europe. But that vision had to await God’s timing for its fulfillment. That timing came at the end of World War II.

Amazingly, a super state called the European Union (EU) formed in Europe to set the stage for the fulfillment of Old Testament and Revelation prophecies! The possible fulfillment of this scripture began in 1950 (at almost the exact same time Israel had become a nation). Beginning in 1950, the European Coal and Steel Community came together to make plans to achieve economic unification in Europe following the war, in hope that this would strengthen economic trade in Europe. This unified effort led to the signing of the treaties of Rome (of all places, Rome!) in 1957, which established the European Economic Community (EEC) (which later became the European Union), and the European Atomic Energy Council. That treaty was taken a step further with the signing of the Brussels Treaty in 1965. The Brussels Treaty began the process of rebuilding the old Roman Empire through reunification of European states under one political system, one economic system, and eventually under the protection of one military force.

More states were added to this growing union in 1973, 1981, and 1986, making up the 10 permanent member states of today’s European Union. This 10 nation military wing of the EU may very well fulfill the prophecy of the beast (representative of the revived Roman Empire) with 10 horns from Daniel 7:7-8 and Revelations 13:1! The EU today is made up of 28 countries! The EU is now the largest economy in the world and the most powerful political entity on earth. The movement for European unity, which was launched in 1950, has gradually evolved into a super-state! 

Reasons why the EU is most likely the revived Roman Empire:

1. On the Bible Prophecy timeline, the EU (European Steel and Coal Community) formed around the same time as nation of Israel, only 3 years later! I do not think that is just a coincidence.
2. The Euro was introduced as the first step toward a unified single currency in Europe, in 2002. The Euro is now the official European currency. It is likely that the Euro or a replacement will soon replace the U.S. dollar as the primary world currency as the U.S. goes into decline.
3. The EU is on a quest for the development of new technologies for the economic growth it would bring their economy. Several EU Countries lead the world in cashless payment systems.
4. Computer systems in Brussels have the capability to manage all the world's finances and government complexes have been built in Europe to house a large central government.
5. The present Pope is a Jesuit that wants to unite world religions under his dominion. He also wants world government. 
6. North African states and Middle East states may soon join with the EU and expand its borders to the full extent of the old Roman Empire.
7. Daniel 7:23-24 also foretells a 10-nation military alliance that will rise out of the revived Roman Empire and will come under the control of the Antichrist. The whole world is already dividing into regional economic zones. Will ten leaders soon arise to govern them?

Most obvious, the EU is already the world’s largest market, the EU is monolith with 513 million citizens, the EU nations taken together have the world’s largest standing army, the EU has its own flag, and the EU has a national anthem. All the components required for an empire! (Space precludes further reasons here; there are many other strong indications that the EU is the forerunner of this final world empire)

If the EU is the revived Roman Empire that will bring about the rise of Antichrist, then we should also expect to see religious symbolism of the EU. After all, riding on the beast’s (the beast represents the revived Roman Empire) back will be the harlot that represents a global pagan religious system that will unite the world (Rev. 17). And that is exactly what we see:

1. The EU has a national anthem, called the “Ode to Joy”. It contains religious symbolism: The lyrics, unknowingly, are actually about the entering of the shrine of a pagan goddess and the uniting of all men in brotherhood, by the power of magic.

2. One poster that was issued by the EU, showing the tower of Babel, carried the slogan “Many tongues, one voice.” They are celebrating the pagan tower that led God to confuse the languages of a defiant people (Genesis 11), furthermore, a crane in the background was shown rebuilding the tower. Now, once again, a rebellious people are rebuilding mystery Babylon. The secular press has named the unfinished tower of Babel, “Eurobabel”.

3. Revelation 17 depicts a great harlot riding on a beast, which represents the world government, and the great harlot is a global religion that will ride in on its back. Coincidentally, this harlot riding a beast was used when Britain issued a stamp to commemorate the first EU parliament election in 1979! It is now the official picture of the EU, and is painted on the dome of the parliament building in Brussels. It is also pictured on the same building that holds the “Eurobabel”.

Our generation has witnessed the resurrection of the Roman Empire, an end time event prophesied over 2,500 years ago by the prophet Daniel (2:31-45). The EU would seem to fulfill many of the prophesies of the fourth kingdom that is to come, but only time will tell!
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